Keeping kids safe in public

Keep your kids safe in public

(without being THAT overprotective parent) | taught by Katy Sindy

Course description

What you get

  • Give your children their own Inner Radar to detect danger
  • Teach them when to escalate and how
  • Get them prepared and yet not scared

Your kids will be safe

As long as you teach them how

The truth is most parents do not teach kids safety until something happens

"The 10 minutes I could not find my son in a closing park were the worst in my life. Checking all leaving cars and not seeing him anywhere - I ( a huge man) felt helpless." - Alex, dad

You have 2 options:

1. Wait until too late and deal with it then

2. Start teaching safety now

Other smart parents say:

"I don't want to know what to do when kids are lost... I want to know how not to lose them... and tell me what to do if they still get lost"

In this Course you will learn what to do:

# 1 Before leaving the door

Safety measures to take before heading out with kids - to make it safe and pleasant.

# 2 If you are separated

The exact strategy (apart from "freeze and wait")you kids should follow in case they are separated from you.

# 3 Find each other quickly

How you and your kids need to act to find each other easily.

Don't wait until it's too late

Katy Sindy
Katy Sindy
Your child's safety trainer

Hi, I’m Katy Sindy, founder of Be WITH Kids.

I started this project to help more kids grow happily.

At this course I help busy parents teach kids safety in a positive, hands-on way.

I'm a mom of two super-active boys who inspired me for this training by crash-testing every single safety measure I knew and asking challenging questions at the most challenging moments.

We've spent 3 years working on this topic and now they follow the rules - because they understand, not because they are scared.

I will be glad to share with you all the research, lessons, tips, and tricks we've learned.

My life is so much easier, and yours can be too!

P.S. If you're wondering about my "before professional motherhood" career, I've built 15 years of success as the CEO of a software company, a business trainer, and an entrepreneur. 

See you inside the class!

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