Safety with strangers in a positive hands-on way

Safety with strangers intro class

A free 5-day class helping you teach your child safety in a positive hands-on way. | taught by Katy Sindy

Course description

Are you afraid that your child may not be safe with strangers and other people around him?

Are you looking for an easy, positive, and effective way to teach him safety skills?

 Do you want to worry less about him?

You are at the right place!

In 5 days you will:

1. Know the level of your child's skills.

2. Have a road map of the rules he needs to learn to be safe.

3. Learn the reasons why kids break safety rules.

4. Figure out a positive way to explain safety with strangers without scaring your child.

5. Teach your child how to be kind, polite and safe communicating with other people.

6. Understand 8 unsafe situations that should alert you and your child + action plans on how to respond.

7. Learn a way to explain abduction and other sensitive topics without introducing fear.

8. Teach your child to ask permission before leaving.

9. Know how to use books, cartoons and games you already have for teaching safety.

10. Model safe habits for your child.

In five days you will have more confidence around this topic than for all prior years of raising your child.

Katy Sindy
Katy Sindy
Your child's safety trainer

Hi, I’m Katy Sindy, founder of Be WITH Kids.

I started this project to help more kids grow happily.

At this course I help busy parents teach kids safety in a positive, hands-on way.

I'm a mom of two super-active boys who inspired me for this training by crash-testing every single safety measure I knew and asking challenging questions at the most challenging moments.

We've spent 3 years working on this topic and now they follow the rules - because they understand, not because they are scared.

I will be glad to share with you all the research, lessons, tips, and tricks we've learned.

My life is so much easier, and yours can be too!

P.S. If you're wondering about my "before professional motherhood" career, I've built 15 years of success as the CEO of a software company, a business trainer, and an entrepreneur. 

See you inside the class!