Test Description

You will learn:

The level of your child's safety skills around these topics: 

Psychological Readiness, Resilience, Bullying, Peer Pressure, Abuse, Sexual Safety, Self-defense, Internet safety, City Skills, Orientation, Attention, Reaction, Communication, Getting Help, Emergency Plans, Household Safety, Fire, Dangerous Objects, Firearms, Drugs, Chemicals, Playdates, First-aid, Health problems, Water, Animals, Active Shooting, Public Events, Crowd Emergency, Natural Disasters, and others.

As a result:

1. You will know the current level of your child's skills and how it correlates to his/her age.

2. You will see a big picture of your child's safety needs.

You are at the right place!

Your child's safety coach

Katherine Joy

Hi, I’m Katherine Joy, founder of Be WITH Kids.

I help parents teach kids safety skills in a positive, hands-on way.

My husband and I have two super-active boys who inspired me for this training.

We focus on prevention and practical skills.

These courses give you all the research, lessons, tips, and tricks you need.
Our life is so much easier, and yours can be too!

P.S. If you're curious, I've built 15 years of success as a software company CEO, and an entrepreneur. https://bewithkids.com/about-me/

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